Frequently Asked Questions
How do coaching subscriptions work?

You can create your own subscription plans that renew and charge your clients automatically. Set your own prices and the frequency to charge and it's ready to go.

Coach subscriptions are currently UK only

What does it cost?

Sterki is always free for your clients.

You can sell on our marketplace with no monthly fees! Sterki receives 5% plus the transaction fee (2.9% + 30p) from your sale price on marketplace items. We remove our 5% commission if you are on our pro tier subscription!

For your coaching subscriptions, Sterki will receive only a transaction fee. You need a subscription to Sterki to create your own coaching subscriptions.

How does the marketplace work?
Simply create a listing, upload your product, and immediately start selling on the marketplace!
What products can I upload to sell?
You can upload any file as a product. An e-book, a training plan spreadsheet, or a technique guide for example.
How do I get paid?
Once you sell a product, out payment partner will handle the money and transfer it to your account.
What about refunds and chargebacks?
Sterki handles all of the admin, so you don't have to spend time running a store. You can read our returns and refunds policy in our terms.