The Bodybuilding base

By: Elite_Physique

Beginner Bodybuilding

Start your bodybuilding career the right way!

The bodybuilding base program is perfect for people who have never set foot in the gym and who want to start gaining muscle in the right way.

We walk you through the whole process. Teaching you each exercise, key areas to focus on, and most importantly, how to turn this into a life long habit.

The program

This program runs for around 12 weeks or 3 months. You should see some type of progress each week. From physical changes (strength, form, physique) to mindset changes. Each week you will train 3 times for around 60 minutes each session.

You can continue to run the program after the 12th week if you are still making good progress.

If you are concerned about equipment, don't be! The Bodybuilding base program is designed to use equipment that is found in all good gyms.


Bodybuilding isn't all about going to the gym. Nutrition is often neglected by beginners. But in this program, we help you out!

We start by teaching you the basics of nutrition and how to choose the right foods, meal planning, and good eating habits. However, unlike unsustainable diets, we gradually change your diet over time to keep you on track with habit forming and lifestyle change. We think this puts you on the right track for progression over years.

We hope you enjoy the program!